Our Directors


Who We Are


The 2011-2012 academic year was the inaugural year for the Silver Stars. It was a year in which traditions were founded, excellence was established, and the underpinnings of lifetime friendships were forged. It was an exhilarating start for a new director and 29 freshmen and sophomores.

Since that time, the Silver Stars have established a legacy of dedication, leadership, and integrity that has earned them many awards, including the title of Overall Grand Champions AND State Champions in 2021.

How We Got Our Name


​When Samandra Nail had her interview with then-Principal Carol Houston for the position of Director of the TMHS Drill Team, she had placed Silver Stars on everything in her portfolio: the constitution, calendar, budget, football music, etc.

When Mrs. Houston asked her, "Who are the Silver Stars?" Samandra responded that she thought that the Silver Stars would be a great name, considering the school colors of blue and silver. Mrs. Houston responded with, "That is the name I had come up with and had not told anyone yet. This is fate!"

Isn't it awesome how God works?